August 6, 2010

Tour de Minnie

My last post inspired me to learn a bit more about bike trails in Minnesota, and it turns out that within its winding dimensions exists something else to be proud of: Minnesota has more miles of bikeways than any other state. In 2006, we had over 1500 miles of the good stuff.

Red = state trail; Blue = regional trail 
That might seem a little strange considering that we're, you know, covered in snow a good portion of the year. But we Minnesotans just plain like to be outside. We like to look around. And if we can do so unfettered by scarves and thick mittens, the wind at our necks not an icy blast but natural AC, all the better. 

The Gitchi-Gami Trail is one of the newest state-led projects and promises to offer some of the most spectacular views to be had on two-wheels. When it's finished, it will run about eighty-six miles along the length of Lake Superior's north shore. I just found this virtual tour created by the DNR, and aside from the elevator music, it makes me want to pack up and head out. There's so much to see and so many ways to do so; it kind of bikes me crazy.

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