October 18, 2010

Minnesota Speaks

One of the things I've loved most about doing whatever it is that I'm doing with this blog is that it's focused my attention. Since I began this venture, I haven't gone one week without discovering another "I love Minnesota" book at the library or another great MN-based blog or one more important conservancy organization that's hard at work. I've talked a lot about walks lately, and it's been true my entire life that I'm often out in the woods by myself, gazing about me, feeling very much like I'm the only one who thinks these thoughts or is stirred just so. But I've quickly realized how ridiculous that thinking is. And now--even though I still enjoy my solitary walks--I'm aware that in spirit I'm never alone. 

Mmmm. That thought makes me feel all campfire-warm and warm-wind-rosy.

Here's a quick list of a few books and blogs that I've found worth checking out. Feel free to suggest more in the comments!
 Our Neck of the Woods  (I love DNR publications)
 Off the Beaten Path: Minnesota  (thanks, JoAnn!)
 Silence in the Snowy Fields by Robert Bly  (perfect for November)
 Ecobirder  (who knew there were so many serious birders in Minnesota?)
 Minnesota Pictures  (I'm such an amateur)
 Minnesota Reads  (because we do) 
And thanks to my new subscribers, whoever you are! I'm glad you're here.   :)

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  1. One reader recommends the following link for a list of eighty top books for nature lovers. There are some great titles here (and we do have that home-bound thing called winter coming up...). Thanks for the tip!