March 13, 2011

Dear Minnesota --

Dear Minnesota --

I love you. I do. You are wide and tall and varied and beautiful and full of landscapes and corners that draw me in and whirl me out and leave me dizzy and heady and full of adulations.

But--can I just be honest, here? I'm really not a fan of all this dirt.

I like soil. I even like mud puddles in the heart of spring. But this is not soil or mud, Minnesota; this is grainy and dull and creeping stuff. This is brown surrounding every bend, brown accosting every surface, a film beneath my nails I cannot see or scrape away yet ever feel seeping into my skin.


I know you can't help it. It's just who you are. We all have ugly phases. Remember middle school? But though I love you unconditionally, I must insist that this dinginess has reached it's limit (Okay, my limit. I'm being selfish, but it is me looking at you, MN, wanting--remember--to extol your virtues, so maybe help me out a bit?).  

If it's all right with you, I think it's time for either spring or another blizzard. You pick.

The Girl With The Wandering Eyes
(as in Costa Rica)


  1. Very funny and still poetic. Thanks for this.

    Here's hoping for clean fingernails and a greener life.

  2. Careful, Emily! Not another blizzard. Bring on the ugly, ugly dirt and with it the warmer sun and the birds and the longer days. You're so well spoken I worry you've got pull with mother nature. Hoping, just this once, nobody's listening to you...:)

  3. Jen--if mother nature is trying to make me grin, we will have glorious stretches of green-growing days that will see us into a fabuously hot summer. SUMMER. Wow -- I can actually feel that word in my bones.

    Regardless who else is listening or who isn't, I'm glad you both are! :)

  4. I have two recommendations:

    1. Get yourself to a sugar house (they make maple syrup in Minnesota, right?) and bathe in the sweet-hot-steam...think Hunger Mountain's current cover...

    2. If that doesn't do the trick, get a cheap ticket to Sanibel Island and camp out at the Periwinkle Trailer Park & Campground. Sun! Beaches! Bicycles! Trailers! Pink flamingos in all the yards!


  5. SUGAR HOUSE. That sounds divine. So does Sanibel. I will go talk to the genie and ask for two wishes, not three, so he can't call me greedy.