March 18, 2011

Pretty Great

I had hoped to make him here (because I thought he'd enjoy quiet) or here (because I knew he'd find friends) or here (because on a girl's weekend it's always good to have a mascot). But these wintery events all passed without me turning snow into something resembling a round-bellied man. When forecasts predicted a week of all 40s and 50s, I knew my chances of completing #15 on my Thirty Before Thirty list were melting away quick.

So, with the help of some grizzled goldenrod, five hard hollow pods broken from still-standing stems, one big burly plant resembling a five-pronged pitchfork, and of course a stubby old carrot, this happened:

Ron Clark! Somehow, between rolling small snowballs into giant ones and turning earth parts into a cardigan, that is what we named him. And I say we because in the end it was my husband who called on his drive home and said, "Em, put your boots on." Hubs who made the cardigan, placed with such precision you would have thought him a tailor. And since we're both busy, him especially, and--really--who, under twelve, makes a snowman on a Monday night?--the fact that he is this good of a flesh-and-blood man is perhaps the most impressive thing of all.
He's pretty great, huh? 


  1. He's very great. And that you made this last snowman of the winter with your soul mate, how wonderful is that!!

    Nice to get another Thirty before 30 crossed off, and it sounds like it was so much fun.

    Nice writing, by the way!

  2. Yes! We had a great time. Unfortunately, though, Ronnie is now a puddle. Such a short and wondrous life!

  3. That is one impressive snowman. I don't think I've made a snowman anywhere near this awesome. I especially love the pockets. RIP Ron Clark!

  4. Pockets! (I especially love his eyebrows.)

  5. I love him! And Jake, laying next to me in bed, not knowing what I was looking at, glanced over and said, "Cute snowman!" :)