"Confluence" in Santa Fe Literary Review

Popping in quickly here to point to you a story of mine that was recently published by Santa Fe Literary Review. It's called "Confluence," and it's a bit of a sad one. But sometimes life is like that. Here's a snippet:

"It was astonishing to her that the water just kept coming, that it passed by her for one instant and then was on to someplace else. She assumed the creek led into the Sauk, the river that ran through Albrun—the town five miles west of them—but then where did it go? What happened next? All this water mixing, these long trails that moved across counties and states and into oceans without anyone accounting for their individual particles—it scared her that there was no way of linking even one molecule to the snow on a hillside in a small country yard."

I wrote this one years ago now, so I'm grateful SFLR gave it a home. Thanks for reading, all!


  1. Hey, are you the Emily Brisse that just won a MN State Arts Board grant? I did too, and saw your name on the list. Congrats!

    1. Yes! I noticed your name, too, and thought: a comrade! Remember when I reviewed your Minnesota backroads guidebook eons ago? If you're on FB, I'm going to Friend you there so we can share this whirlwind together. :)


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