That's Nice

Being humble is a cultivated quality in many parts of Minnesota, so it's appropriate that "The Land of 10,000 Lakes" is an understated moniker. The official count of bodies of water that measure at more than ten acres is about 11,842. According to Wikipedia (gasp!), that amounts to more shoreline than California, Florida, and Hawaii combined. So, the only things that differentiate us from them are palm trees and salt water. And snow, I guess. And ice. But anyway, these lakes are their own kind of Eden, and it's a thing to be thankful for that most people, regardless of their socioeconomic state, have a circle of water within the reach of their legs or persuasive please-take-me powers. As my sweet grandma would say, that's nice.

It's also nice (and fun) to skim over a list of lake names. Since I was small, it's charmed me to find that a lake and I could be called the same thing. Imagine dreaming you had a twin, and finding her blue and dancing, plump with kind clouds.


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