April 22, 2014

April 16, 2014

Ways to Say Spring

in French: printemps 
in Albanian: pranvera
in Romanian: primăvară 
in Catalan: primavera 
in Latin: ver
in Icelandic: vor
in Norweigan: vår
in Danish: forår
in German: frühling
in Estonian: kevad
in Finnish: kevät
in Persian: بهار
in Arabic: ربيع
in Basque: udaberri
in Zulu: intwasahhlobo
in Czech: jaro
in Lakota: wétu
in Japanese: 春 

Or, in Me:
pretty treetops
birds suddenly everywhere
open streams
rushing rivers
muddy banks
rutted roads
sounds of footsteps and chirping and growth
evening light
morning fog
sudden cotton clouds
green berries
children in trees
wet faces