Carver Park Reserve

My commute home from work usually takes about thirty minutes. On Wednesday, it took me three hours. And I mean that literally: the road took over. And then it was a paved path leading me. And then a gravel one. And then any number or variety of field. 

How I've never discovered the Carver Park Reserve until yesterday I have no idea, being that I've driven past signs on Highway 7 indicating its presence hundreds and hundreds of times. I am a curious person, prone to driving down unfamiliar roads, reading books in strange parks, putting myself in situations that at one point (probably still) would have made my father nervous, so I really should have sniffed this place out long ago. But the important thing is that I've found it now, and that I turned down County Road 11 again yesterday, and that I will continue to do so throughout this golden season and into the next because it's a place to get lost in on purpose hour after hour after hour. 

Carver Park Reserve is located twenty-five miles west of Minneapolis between Highways 7 and 5, and is part of the Three Rivers Park District. 


  1. wow! i wish i could be there... beautiful, beautiful pics.

  2. Try biking or cross country skiing there. (I guess it is presumptious to think you have'nt. It is one of my favorite places

  3. Thanks for the comments! And I just discovered the park, so cross country skiing is on the list for this winter. I'm excited!


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