If you haven't already discovered the magazine Orion, check out their website here or find one of their beautiful publications in your nearest book store. Their material focuses on nature, culture, and place, and every issue is a feast for the eyes and mind. There is also an inspiring section called "The Place Where You Live." For those of you who find particular meaning in your homeplaces--and I know so many of you do--why not draft something up and contribute? This is what I did with an essay I crafted for this blog back in August, and happily, editor Kristen Hewitt saw fit to include it in the print version of Orion's January/February issue. If I do say so myself, it looks pretty good there.

Happy writing, all! What place has a hold on you?


  1. Just read your "Deep Lake" and absolutely loved the writing and the place you wrote about. It deserves to be in Orion. What a fine mag.

  2. I've seen Orion around, but never picked up an issue. I'll definitely have to do so now. Congrats!

  3. Thanks to both of you. It is a great mag. I think you'll both love the content.


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