"A Northland Spring"

The thick nouns of our winter cold are soon
To disappear like shifting, soft vapor,
Like morning fog that clings as close as loons
To lake tops warmer than the April air.
When up it lifts, the skies erupt in blue
Announcing with the earth that spring has sprung.
Warm breezes! Rain! Round, cotton clouds and dew!
These greens! Such oxygen is gold for lungs.
As Northerners, we rush outdoors to sing,
To revel in the sun our skin has missed
We happily observe the birds trav'ling,
Bright promises enclosed in their twig fists.
     And just as we put back mittens and hats,
     We wake to white—more snow—yes, just like that.

-- by moi

Originally written for my students after a lively sonnet lesson.
Originally published in The Saint Cloud Times April 2008 Spring Poetry feature.


  1. Thanks, Amy. A little TOO true, if you ask me this morning. I'm ready for some green to stick!

  2. Nice poem. How wonderful that you did it for your students.

    Re: weather, today a brush fire warning was issued for our area, puzzling given the 16 inches of snow we still have on the ground! Must have been for the valley.

  3. One of the reasons I love the nature world: it's full of all kinds of weirdness. :)


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