Ways to Say Spring

in French: printemps 
in Albanian: pranvera
in Romanian: primăvară 
in Catalan: primavera 
in Latin: ver
in Icelandic: vor
in Norweigan: vår
in Danish: forår
in German: frühling
in Estonian: kevad
in Finnish: kevät
in Persian: بهار
in Arabic: ربيع
in Basque: udaberri
in Zulu: intwasahhlobo
in Czech: jaro
in Lakota: wétu
in Japanese: 春 

Or, in Me:
pretty treetops
birds suddenly everywhere
open streams
rushing rivers
muddy banks
rutted roads
sounds of footsteps and chirping and growth
evening light
morning fog
sudden cotton clouds
green berries
children in trees
wet faces


  1. Is it spring there? I hope so, for your sake...here it is still OH SO WINTER.

  2. All the snow is gone, if that's what you mean. And it WAS spring today...puffy clouds 50s degrees, a light fresh breeze. It looked to me like it was heading east... :)

  3. I like "promises"! Speaks volumes! We are a couple of weeks behind you but its coming. Am now ready for snow to be gone!

  4. There've been birds greeting me daily at 5 am just outside my office window. What they're saying, I can't be sure. Probably something like: "This time I truly didn't believe spring would happen. Did you? Did you? Did you?"

  5. Jen--this is all I can hear the birds saying now. I love it!

  6. It´s always fun to compare languages! :-)

  7. Emily:

    Thank you for these translations. We just returned home from Florida to find our woods full of crusty snow. However, the next morning our resident Phoebe was calling from the top of a Red Oak. He sang with promise and hope. - Richard

    1. Ahh, the return north! It's always interesting what you find, I suppose. We will hit our first 70' day today since mid-October, so to say we're looking forward to feeling that warmth is an extreme understatement. And yes, the birds, the birds! Their sounds have been bringing warmth too.

  8. And I will add "ice cream treats outdoors."

    Thanks for a reminder of all those little details which comprise spring.

    1. Oh, yes. We have an infamous first-robin-of-spring-Dairy-Queen-run that I look forward to every year. :)

  9. Nice list of spring things. In my case, spring also brings a self-imposed break from online life. Mine begins tomorrow!

    1. In that case, may you FEEL instead of read these good wishes throughout your break. I hope you find some nice open roads.

  10. and for me "lush green, mud pies, animal tracks in wet soil, breaking buds, and photosyntesis"!

    1. Photosynthesis! Yes! Nothing like that word to bring me right into the trees and leaves.

    2. Please disregard by bad keyboard skills on the word photosynthesis. More spring words: peepers, wood frogs, salamanders, bird songs, ferns, and my favorite (although way more than one word-really more of a concept) Warm air running over cool snow!

    3. No worries! (I don't think I even noticed it on the first read through.) And I love that last one. We had a beee-autiful day yesterday, and the snow is GONE. :)

  11. Lovely, Emily. I hope you're well!

  12. I love when you do these! It's especially nice tonight, because we've taken a sudden turn back into the cold - from 78 this morning to 42 now!

    The mockingbirds have started singing now, and a dove or two can be caught cooing. There are reports of wildflowers galore - I just must find some time to go see them.

    1. Sounds divine. Just another snow storm over here last night. Inches upon inches of white over new green. UHG. I am not usually a complainer, but I've had enough of this winter. When wildflowers do finally poke their heads through the ground, I think I will write them an ode. :)

  13. Lovely! So happy to see the sun and the ground again in these parts...and hear the birds and the peepers. Happy Spring!

    1. Don't I know it. Easter! Spring! I hope this season brings you warmth, Andrea.


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