Melaque, Mexico: In Photos

There is nothing quite like lazy days on a beach. To spend every hour of light outside--to be able to pay attention to how that light changes the color of things, and to feel it change even the color of your skin--is why people who live in the north go south for holiday. Thank you, Melaque, for your sand, your big and small waves, your mangos-on-sticks, the way everyone was looking up.


  1. What a wonderful time you must have had! Obviously had. Who doesn't love a tropical beach in winter? The last photo's particularly pleasing. The colors are beautiful. And your little guy looks like he's having fun -- that's the best of all.

    1. His reaction to the ocean was worth the cost of the plane tickets combined. What am I saying? It was worth the cost of the plane!

  2. Gorgeous! Aren't ocean waves in March the best?


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