Artist Initiative Grant

Aside from Thanksgiving, which I love, November can be a gray month in Minnesota. But this year, it brought me some bright news: I was awarded a Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant in support of my in-progress essay collection. It's a big honor and a big responsibility, and to say I feel overwhelmed by the expectations I have set for myself is an understatement. But there is no time like now. Perhaps this--in addition to the new baby and preschooler and fixer-upper house and demanding job--explains why I have been so absent from this space? Fingers crossed that absence here means presence in some bound hard-cover pages one fine day.


  1. What a wonderful honor. Having followed your writing for years I can't say I am surprised. This will be motivation to forge ahead. I'm looking forward to hearing about this later. Congratulations, your are a wonderful writer and poet!

    1. For years! It's true. Hard to believe I began this blogish venture back in 2010. So glad to have connected with you through it, though, Bill. :)


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