Plant Literate #3: Forsythia

Here is one of my sixty before sixty goals: to have someone name a flowering plant Foremily.

When I was two I would have been drawn to forsythia. Always, always, always I have loved effusions of blossoms. They transport me somewhere magical, and it's an especially potent trip here in Minnesota because these colorful displays come off of months of white. But I've never known it's name. Never known anything about it except for it's beauty. Now I know these things: this variety is called the Northern Sun, it was introduced by the U of M specifically for colder climate cultivation in 1982, and it's thriving here now, in spite of those 30' nights. Also, I know that someday I will plant one or ten of these in my yard, and herald its spring blooms with my whole heart.


  1. Amongst horticultural plants perhaps the best representative of spring along with daffodils! There is something really special about forsythia yellow on a bright, blue, spring day!

  2. Agreed! They are thousands of bright smiles.

  3. Perfect, I like that, thousands of bright smiles. My goodness, what an image!


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