Sniff This

The blossoms, that is.
Not my husband.  :)  It is HEAVEN here, folks. Hope you're getting outside.


  1. Actually the apple blossom photo is so good that I can almost smell it! And I loved the second picture too, so green and warm, and well, spring!

    It's been raining in NE for five straight days. Maybe one more day tomorrow. Things are green and very soggy!

  2. Isn't it wonderful to see the trees in bloom again! My part of the country is just exploding with blossoms of all kinds now.

  3. Bill -- Hope you get some sun soon; we had all that rain last week, but the benefits, of course, are all these fragrant, fantastic blossoms.

    And Montucky -- thanks for the comment. I always enjoy your photography so much. (And on a side note, my first memory takes place in Montana. I love your home state, too!)


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